Universal Socks

Use Kepler’s Universal Socks for all your solutions. Our socks will absorb aggressive liquids and non-aggressive liquids even when multiple liquids are mixed (Including Water).

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Oil Only Socks

These Oil Only Socks are perfect for absorbing oils, such as, petrol and all other hydro-carbon-based fluids. Place around machinery, or other equipment to contain leaks, as well as other uses.

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Pads are economical flat perforated sorbent sheets that can be manufactured to your specific size. They do not contain any Kepler Absorbent materials (granules).

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Our Flagship Product is designed to absorb Any Liquid, aggressive materials such as acids and bases, as well as non-aggressive liquids and solvents- such as cleaners, water-based fluids, gasoline and alcohols.

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Bulk Sacks

Kepler’s Durable Commercial Bulk sacks are filled with our flagship absorbent material. By buying bulk sacks and reusing your containers you will not only save money but eliminate more landfill accumulation.

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Pallets are the ideal way to make sure there is plenty of product on hand. Great for reselling, or just to save money! Purchasing product by the pallet is the most economical way to buy. Buying in bulk can save you even more.

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These absorbent pillows are excellent for absorbing spills and leaking fluids in tight spaces. Filled with our flagship product and flexible shape, Kepler’s oil only and Universal absorbent pillows will keep your areas clean and safe

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Drip Pans

Durable, Self-Contained, and Corrosion resistant makes this a versatile solution. Drip pans are Re-usable, easy to clean and come with either Universal or oil only Kepler pillows.

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Spill Kits

Be prepared when a spill occurs! Spill Kits are a great response for spills and work effectively and quickly. Available in universal and oil-only, these highly visible yellow bags can be stored for quick and easy access.

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