Kepler® is the ultimate Absorbent. Absorption is the process by which a material soaks up or internalizes another substance like a sponge soaks up water.

Floor Dry®/Kitty Litter is an Adsorbent, a process by which a material accumulates in the SURFACE of another material much like nuts or fudge on an ice cream cone.

Diatomaceous Earth/Clay/Floor Dry products are NOT approved for landfills because contaminates are on the surface and are exposed to the environment.
Note: Follow the laws of each state.

Some diatomaceous Earth/Clay/Floor/Clay Dry products have directions on their packaging directing not to breathe in the dust because it has cancer-causing ingredients.

Kepler’s Loose Absorbent can be spread by hand or machinery. Kepler® Absorbs wet or dry.

A Berm of Kepler® Absorbents acts as a filter. Mixture of oil, fuel, antifreeze and water enters into Berm of Kepler® Absorbents and only clean water exits.

Kepler® Loose Absorbent is 100% Natural
  • Contains no dangerous or hazardous material
  • Rice hull reduced to the simplest ash (little or no carbon), containing no contaminants, no corrosives, or chemicals and is inert.
Kepler® Absorbents are Safe
  • Safe for all types of spills.
  • Lightweight formula reduces back pain, arm and leg strain.
  • Reduces Workman’s compensation claims – Eliminates stress caused by lifting and handling other products heavy bags. Kepler® absorbs more with less weight.
  • NO RESPIRABLE SILICA – Meets & exceeds new OSHA requirements.
  • No hazardous materials exposure.
  • Reduces clean up time and limits liabilities.
  • Fire resistant.
Kepler® Absorbent is Clean
  • Dust free – safe and clean in use.
  • Cleans up easily – absorbs on contact.
  • Leaves no stains.
  • High BTU value/low ash makes Kepler® Absorbents easy for disposal and incineration.
  • Wind resistant – effective for outdoor clean up.
Kepler® Absorbents are Effective
  • Soaks up spills fast
  • Retains and holds liquids until cleanup is complete – no leaching
  • Non-scouring for easy use on floors and work surfaces
  • Safe for use in food manufacturing facilities
  • Lighter particles pick up more liquid – quicker! 300% increase in absorption capacity.
  • Can absorb any liquid from any surface. It is ideal for use on acids (including Hydrofluoric), caustics, oils, solvents and toxic liquids. Kepler® Absorbent is unique because it absorbs liquids and retains them eliminating secondary spills caused by leaching.
Kepler® is Highly Absorbent
  • Absorbs oil even saturated with water
  • 1:1 absorbency ratio (weight-to-weight)
  • 15 lbs of Kepler® Loose Absorbent will absorb 30 lbs of oil – approximately 4 gallons
  • Absorbs better than clay and other industrial absorbents
  • Leaves surfaces completely dry
  • Exceeds EPA Landfill requirements

If you are in the market for a clean, safe, effective, environmentally responsible, and an all purpose absorbent – Contact us.