Loose Filled 1 Gallon Slant Handle Jug

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Loose Filled 1 Gallon Slant Handle Jug


Loose Filled 1 Gallon Slant Handle Jug – $ 18.99

Product Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Shipping Weight: 3.125 lbs.

Dem Product: 6.5” ×4” × 12”

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Product Description

Loose Filled 1 Gallon Slant Handle Jug – $ 18.99

Kepler’s all-natural all-purpose absorbent will quickly absorb all types of spills instantly from any surface (Including acids), leaving it safe, clean and dry. With a large handle and re-closable lid, jug makes pouring over small to medium spills fast and easy. Extremely lightweight makes this jug perfect for the person tight for space but wants to be prepared for a spill. Having an all-purpose absorbent that encapsulates makes it ideal to soak up kitchen greases while feeling confident it will not leak after disposal.

Although marketed for oil it is very versatile for many types of containment i.e. blood, urine, odor, anti-freeze, water. Kepler will absorb even when liquids are mixed together making it a true all-purpose solution.

1 Jug will absorb & encapsulate approximately 2 1/2 Quarts of Oil!

  • Ideal for caustics, oils, solvents, toxic liquids and acids (including hydrofluoric),
  • Contains no dangerous or hazardous material (odor-less, non-flammable)
  • No respirable silica – meets & exceeds new OSHA requirements. (non-toxic)
  • Exceeds EPA Landfill requirements (non-leaching)
  • Absorbency meets or exceeds industry standards

Always follow your Local, State and Federal regulations for disposing of encapsulated absorbent product.


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